Ethical Trade

Cubus has developed a set of ethical guidelines (Code of Conduct) that set requirements for us as a retailer, as well as all our partners. The guidelines state that everyone involved in our production processes shall have the right to good, safe working conditions in accordance with generally accepted human rights, laws and regulations (the UN's human rights and the International Labour Organisation's core conventions). The guidelines are a part of our conditions for purchase, which all our suppliers are obliged to comply with. Our suppliers must take into consideration aspects such as:

• Respect for laws and regulations
• No discrimination
• No form of forced or child labour
• Right to union membership and collective negotiations
• Reasonable pay and working conditions
• Working hours complying with national laws and international conventions
• Environmental and animal protection

Cubus does not own any factories. Regular control and follow up of our manufacturers is therefore one of our priority areas. We have collaborated for several years with an international control and certification company, which has responsibility for inspecting the factories that produce our goods. In addition, we carry out factory visits ourselves on a regular basis.   As a part of the Varner-Group, Cubus has been a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative – Norway (ETI) since 2003, and works with goal-oriented concrete measures to ensure that the products sold in our stores maintain our ethical standards. Every year we report to ETI on our work with ethical trade, and these reports are publicly available.  

Want to know more?
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Head of CSR Department - Annabelle Ingeborg Lefébure  


Where are the garments that you sell produced?
Production is mainly carried out in Asia and Turkey. Our products are for the most part self-developed brands, developed and designed by our buyers.

How can I know that the clothes in your stores were produced under decent conditions?
To be able to produce goods for Cubus, suppliers must accept and sign our ethical guidelines. Suppliers must also be willing to go through social controls that examine the production conditions in the factories.  

What happens if a breach of the guidelines is observed in any of the factories?
If a breach of the ethical guidelines is discovered, we work with the supplier to ensure that the necessary improvements are implemented through a so-called Corrective Action Plan (CAP). This is developed in collaboration with the controllers and factory management.  

Are there any traces of dangerous chemicals or allergenic substances in your garments?
It is crucial for us that we are able to offer our customers products that are in no way damaging to the environment or health. We set strict requirements for our suppliers regarding the use of chemicals in the production of clothing, and have developed a comprehensive list of chemicals that are not permitted for use in our production.  

Do you sell clothing made of real fur?
Cubus uses only synthetic fur in all production.  

Is Cubus concerned about the environment?
Environmental considerations are a natural part of our social responsibility. We are keen to promote environmentally friendly production methods, and use transport partners that have a clear environmental policy. Rainforest woods and other woods in danger of extinction are not used in our store interiors, and packaging in stores is recycled.